Hospital layoffs – A Solution

hospital layoffs

Hospital layoffs have been in the news a lot lately. A whopping 10,169 clinical, management, and support staff have been laid off  by hospitals since January.  Layoffs, however, began accelerating in May and have been rising ever since. Poor reimbursement from insurance companies, cuts from Medicare/Medicaid, and fines as a result of readmissions (obamacare provision) is the reason for why this happening. Hospital executives are expecting this trend to keep happening for the foreseeable future as health care reform becomes fully implemented.

Hospital layoffs


Allegheny Health System (PA)

cut 450 employees


Baptist Health (AR)

cut 170 employees


Cleveland Clinic (Ohio)

cut 3,000 employees


Denver Health (CO)

cut 300 employees


Inova Health (VA)

cut 147 employees


Lawrence Memorial (CT)

cut 33 employees


Liberty Hospital (KS)

cut 170 employees



cut 2,340 employees


Maine Medical Center (ME)

cut 175 employees


Mission Health Hospital (NC)

cut 70 employees


NorthShore University Health System (IL)

cut 130 employees


Orlando Health (FL)

cut 500 employees


Palomar  Health  (CA)

cut 84 employees


Sacred Heart (FL)

cut 150 employees


St. John (MI)

cut 160  employees


St. Joseph (NY)

cut 85 employees


St. Mary’s (IN)

cut 73 employees


St. Thomas – ACO  (TN)
cut 200 employees

St. Vincent  (IN)

cut 865 employees


Tri-City Medical Center (CA)

cut 67 employees


Vanderbilt University Medical Center (TN)

cut  1,000 employees

Hospital layoffs  – Direct Pay (Direct Primary Care) is the best solution!

In order to minimize both financial burdens  and employee layoffs, hospitals must get a better grip on their expenses and cash flow. The best way to do this is to eliminate health insurance company contracts (health insurance companies purposefully give low reimbursement to hospitals on purpose in order to protect their own shareholder profit) and instead switch to a direct pay model. Switching to a direct pay model is 100% legal under ObamaCare. Direct Primary Care  (a direct pay model), involves physicians receiving 100% reimbursement (payment) directly from the patients on a monthly basis. This method eliminates AR (account receivables), eliminates expenses associated with billing and coding, eliminates high-priced insurance contracts,  and creates a continuous revenue stream. The direct pay model of Medical Access is your solution to this problem!

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Matthew D.  Taber, M.S. is Chief Operating Officer of Medical Access USA (,  a company which offers full access to medical care to patients and  100  percent reimbursement to primary care physicians through direct primary care models.  Reach him by e-mail at mdtaber at me dot com or by phone at 615-669-8347 to receive a free webinar presentation and evaluation of your medical practice or hospital.  

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