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Large/XL 3-Panel Abdominal Binder 46" - 62" - Sportaid

Large/XL 3-Panel Abdominal Binder 46" - 62" - Sportaid

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Step into a world of support with the Sportaid 3-Panel Abdominal Binder in Large/XL, designed to embrace hip circumferences ranging from 46" to 62". This premium abdominal binder is your ally in recovery and stabilization, offering unparalleled support without compromising on comfort. Crafted from 9" wide segmented plush-back elastic and featuring dura-foam for extended wear, this binder is both form-fitting and breathable, ensuring it moves as you do while providing the support you need.

Whether you're on the path to recovery after surgery, seeking extra support for your abdominal area, or looking to enhance your posture, this abdominal binder’s form-fitting design contours to your body, offering tailored support where it's most needed. Its breathable fabric ensures your skin remains cool and comfortable, even during long-term wear. The thoughtful construction minimizes rolling and bunching, maintaining a smooth and secure fit throughout the day.

  • Size: Large/XL, Fits Hip Circumference 46" - 62"
  • Width: 9" Segmented Plush-back Elastic
  • Material: Dura-Foam for Comfortable Long-term Wear
  • Features: Form-Fitting, Breathable
  • HCPCS Suggested Code: L0625

Enhanced Support with Sportaid’s 3-Panel Abdominal Binder

1. Tailored Support for Large/XL Sizes

Specially designed for larger body sizes, this abdominal binder offers a perfect blend of support and comfort, ensuring a snug fit for hip circumferences between 46" and 62". Its adjustable design allows for personalized compression, facilitating recovery and enhancing stability.

2. Durable and Comfortable for Daily Wear

Made with dura-foam and plush-back elastic, this binder is engineered for durability and comfort, making it suitable for extended periods of wear. Its breathable fabric and segmented design prevent overheating and ensure a comfortable fit, day or night.

3. Form-Fitting and Breathable Construction

The binder’s form-fitting design ensures it stays in place, providing consistent support without rolling or bunching. Its breathable material promotes air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable even under clothes.

Unlock the support and comfort you need with the Sportaid Large/XL 3-Panel Abdominal Binder. Designed for your lifestyle, it offers the stabilization and confidence to move forward in your recovery or daily activities. Embrace the support designed for your success.

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