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Sportaid Med/Large 6" Back Support Belt 32"-44" - Duo-Tension Straps

Sportaid Med/Large 6" Back Support Belt 32"-44" - Duo-Tension Straps

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Introducing the Sportaid Med/Large 6" Back Support Belt, expertly crafted to fit hip circumferences between 32" and 44". This back support belt is designed not only for its functional benefits but also with an eye on aesthetics, featuring excellent retail packaging that makes it a great gift for anyone in need of back support. The belt offers exceptional abdominal and lower back support, essential for those who require additional posture alignment or are recovering from back injuries.

The innovative design incorporates 4" wide duo-tension straps that serve a dual purpose: they provide additional support to the lower back while also promoting proper lifting techniques, helping the wearer to remain mindful of their posture throughout the day. The duo-foam material used in the construction of this belt ensures long-term wearability, offering both comfort and durability. Flexible stays are integrated into the belt to prevent rolling, ensuring the belt stays in place, providing consistent support.

Complete instructions for wear are included, making it easy for anyone to get the full benefits from their Sportaid Back Support Belt. Additionally, this product is latex-free, making it a suitable choice for individuals with latex sensitivities. The suggested HCPCS code for this item is L0621, and it comes in a sleek black color that blends seamlessly with most clothing. The shipping carton dimensions are 12"L x 10"W x 6"H, ensuring safe and efficient delivery.

  • Brand: Sportaid
  • Size: Med/Large, Fits Hip Circumference 32" - 44"
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Duo-foam for Comfort and Longevity
  • Features: 6" High Back Belt, 4" Wide Duo-Tension Straps, Flexible Stays, Latex-Free
  • HCPCS Code: L0621
  • Packaging: Excellent Retail Packaging

Why Choose Sportaid Med/Large 6" Back Support Belt?

1. Enhanced Lower Back Support

Gain the confidence to move freely with the Sportaid Back Support Belt, offering unrivaled support to the abdominal and lower back regions, promoting better posture and reducing the risk of injury.

2. Mindful of Proper Lifting

The duo-tension straps are not just about support; they act as a constant reminder for proper lifting techniques, essential for preventing back strain and promoting overall spine health.

3. Designed for Daily Wear

Thanks to its duo-foam construction and flexible stays, this belt is comfortable for long-term wear, fitting discreetly under clothing and preventing any rolling or shifting.

Step up your back support game with the Sportaid Med/Large 6" Back Support Belt. Its blend of functionality, comfort, and sleek design makes it an essential tool for anyone looking to protect and support their back throughout the day.

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