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Air Inflator Piston Pump Manual - Efficient & Comfort Enhancing

Air Inflator Piston Pump Manual - Efficient & Comfort Enhancing

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Introducing the Manual Air Inflator Piston Pump, a versatile and efficient solution designed to enhance comfort for patients. This piston pump is an essential tool for manually inflating air mattresses, cushions, and other therapeutic devices. It's engineered to reduce interface pressure, providing relief and support where it's needed most.

The pump features an innovative design with 55 air holes, ensuring optimal air circulation. This key feature significantly reduces heat build-up, offering a cooler, drier sleeping or resting surface that's conducive to healing and comfort. Whether for home healthcare, hospitals, or clinics, this manual inflator is a practical addition to your healthcare equipment.

  • Type: Manual Inflators - Piston Pump
  • Benefits: Reduces interface pressure, enhances patient comfort
  • Features: 55 air holes for improved air circulation and reduced heat build-up
  • Application: Ideal for inflating air mattresses and cushions
  • HCPC Code: E0198
  • Additional: Pumps available for ease of inflation

Key Advantages of the Manual Air Inflator Piston Pump:

1. Enhanced Comfort and Support

By reducing interface pressure, this pump aids in preventing pressure sores and enhances the overall comfort for patients, particularly those confined to bed for long periods.

2. Improved Air Circulation

The strategic placement of 55 air holes allows for better air circulation, minimizing heat and moisture buildup for a more comfortable resting environment.

3. Easy to Use and Efficient

Designed for manual operation, this piston pump makes inflation easy and efficient, ensuring therapeutic devices are ready for use with minimal effort.

Equip yourself with the Manual Air Inflator Piston Pump to provide enhanced comfort and support for patients requiring inflatable therapeutic devices. Its user-friendly design and beneficial features make it a must-have for effective patient care.

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