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Aircast Airheel/DNS Care Kit Large - Plantar Fasciitis Relief Day & Night

Aircast Airheel/DNS Care Kit Large - Plantar Fasciitis Relief Day & Night

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Experience comprehensive relief from plantar fasciitis with the Aircast Airheel/DNS Care Kit, tailored for individuals 5'4" and up. This kit includes two essential components designed for round-the-clock comfort and support. The Airheel offers targeted daytime relief, while the DNS Dorsal Night Splint ensures optimal nighttime comfort, both fitting either the right or left foot.

The Airheel's innovative design features two interconnected aircells - one under the foot arch and another at the back of the heel. These aircells provide pulsating compression with every step, helping to reduce swelling, alleviate discomfort, and enhance circulation. Constructed from lightweight, breathable fabric, the Airheel is easy to wear, offering massaging relief throughout the day with a simple, adjustable strap for a perfect fit.

Transitioning to nighttime, the Aircast DNS Dorsal Night Splint offers unmatched comfort and pain relief for plantar fasciitis sufferers. The splint features a rigid front-of-leg shell with a flexible hinge, coupled with a soft, adjustable wrap-around brace. This combination ensures ease of application and removal, while the adjustable front strap allows for easy modification of the foot angle to maximize therapeutic effect.

  • Size: Large, for persons 5'4" and up
  • Length: 10.5 inches (22 cm)
  • Fit: Suitable for both right and left foot
  • Components: Aircast Airheel for daytime and DNS Dorsal Night Splint for nighttime
  • Benefits: Reduces swelling, discomfort, and enhances circulation; easy to adjust and apply

Round-the-Clock Plantar Fasciitis Relief:

1. Daytime Support with Airheel

Enjoy clinically-proven comfort and relief during the day with the Airheel’s massaging aircells, designed to support your every step.

2. Nighttime Comfort with DNS Dorsal Night Splint

Ensure optimal healing and comfort at night with the DNS Dorsal Night Splint, offering adjustable support to maintain the foot at the correct angle for plantar fasciitis relief.

With the Aircast Airheel/DNS Care Kit, managing plantar fasciitis becomes more manageable, allowing you to enjoy relief both day and night. This comprehensive solution is your ally in the journey towards pain-free mobility.

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