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Ambu SPUR II Infant Single-Use Resuscitator - 220ml Volume with Oxygen Reservoir

Ambu SPUR II Infant Single-Use Resuscitator - 220ml Volume with Oxygen Reservoir

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Introducing the Ambu SPUR II Bag, specifically designed as an infant single patient use resuscitator for neonates and infants up to 22 lbs. This device ensures the highest standards of safety and efficiency in respiratory support for the most vulnerable patients. With a resuscitator volume of 220ml and a maximum stroke volume of 150ml, it provides precise ventilation tailored to the needs of infants.

The Ambu SPUR II is fully disposable, addressing the critical need to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination. Its design incorporates a textured surface and handle to reduce fatigue and cramping during prolonged use. A valve-controlled oxygen reservoir with connecting tubing enhances its functionality, ensuring optimal oxygen delivery.

This infant resuscitator is semi-transparent, featuring a see-through patient valve for visual checks of operation and a pressure limitation valve to prevent overinflation of the infant’s lungs. Additionally, it comes with a unique support strap for a steady grip and uniform tidal volumes, significantly easing the manual ventilation process.

  • Volume: 220ml, with a 150ml max. stroke volume
  • Age Group: Ideal for neonates and infants up to 22 lbs
  • Safety Features: Fully disposable to prevent cross-contamination, semi-transparent for visual checks, and includes a pressure limitation valve
  • Usability: Textured surface for reduced fatigue, one-hand operation capability, and comes with manometer tube connector for airway pressure monitoring
  • Material: 100% latex-free construction for hypoallergenic use
  • Package Dimensions: Shipping carton size: 12" L x 10" W x 6" H

Key Advantages:

1. Enhanced Patient Safety

Its disposable nature and included pressure limitation valve ensure safe use, minimizing the risk of infection and overinflation.

2. Operational Ease

Designed for ease of use with features that support prolonged operations without user fatigue, ensuring effective resuscitation.

3. Reliable Monitoring

Comes equipped with a manometer tube connector, allowing for precise monitoring of airway pressure during ventilation.

With the Ambu SPUR II Infant Resuscitator, healthcare professionals can deliver critical care with confidence, supported by its innovative design and safety features.

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