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Ankle Splint Lace-Up Canvas - Large, Fits Men 10.5-12, Women 9-10.5

Ankle Splint Lace-Up Canvas - Large, Fits Men 10.5-12, Women 9-10.5

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Step into comfort and stability with the Sportaid Ankle Splint in a Lace-Up Canvas design, sized Large for Men's shoe sizes 10.5 to 12 and Women's 9 to 10.5. This high-quality ankle support is perfect for those seeking extra protection, support, and comfort for their ankles, whether due to injury, recovery, or preventive care.

The splint features excellent retail packaging, ensuring it arrives in perfect condition. Inside, you'll find a splint designed with a soft flannel lining for maximum comfort against the skin. It includes two medial and lateral removable spiral stays that provide additional support and stabilization to the ankle, ensuring proper alignment and aiding in recovery.

The foam-padded tongue includes removable stays for customizable support, ensuring that you can adjust the level of rigidity according to your needs. Designed to fit either foot, this versatile splint offers a symmetrical design that's easy to wear on either the left or right ankle. The sizing is based on male/female shoe sizes, making it simple to find your perfect fit.

  • Size: Large (Men 10.5 - 12, Women 9 - 10.5)
  • Features: Soft flannel lining, removable medial and lateral spiral stays, foam-padded tongue with removable stays
  • Fit: Fits either foot, offering versatile support
  • Material: Durable canvas construction, latex-free to prevent allergic reactions

Key Benefits:

1. Enhanced Support and Stability

Medial and lateral spiral stays offer superior ankle stabilization, aiding in recovery and injury prevention.

2. Comfortable Wear

Soft flannel lining and a foam-padded tongue ensure comfort throughout the day, even during prolonged use.

3. Customizable Fit

Removable stays allow for adjustments in support, catering to your specific rehabilitation or support needs.

With the Sportaid Ankle Splint Lace-Up Canvas, regain your confidence in movement and protect your ankles effectively.

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