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Apex LSO2 Universal Back Brace with 10" Back Panel - Adjustable & Breathable

Apex LSO2 Universal Back Brace with 10" Back Panel - Adjustable & Breathable

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Introducing the Apex LSO2 Universal Back Brace, featuring a 10" back panel, designed to provide unparalleled support and comfort. This back brace incorporates an easy-to-use universal sizing system, ensuring a perfect fit for a wide range of body types. Adjustable pull tabs offer the flexibility to achieve optimal compression, tailoring the support to your specific needs.

Crafted with breathable fabric, the Apex LSO2 ensures air flow, keeping patients cool and dry, even over extended periods of wear. This feature is essential for maintaining comfort and promoting healing, making it an ideal choice for daily use.

Recognized as an ideal back brace for reimbursement, the Apex LSO2 stands out as a perfect solution for competitive bid winners. It is equipped with HCPCS codes L0627/L0642, facilitating the reimbursement process and making it a favorable option for both patients and healthcare providers.

  • Back Panel Size: 10 inches for comprehensive support.
  • Sizing: Universal fit with adjustable pull tabs for custom compression.
  • Material: Breathable fabric for superior comfort and dryness.
  • Usage: Ideal for extended wear, offering cooling and drying benefits.
  • Reimbursement: Includes HCPCS codes L0627/L0642 for ease of billing.

Key Benefits:

1. Customizable Support

Adjustable features allow for personalized compression levels, enhancing the brace's effectiveness.

2. Enhanced Comfort

The breathable design ensures comfort during prolonged use, promoting healing and recovery.

3. Reimbursement Ready

With included HCPCS codes, the Apex LSO2 is an excellent choice for those seeking a reimbursable back support option.

Embrace the supportive, comfortable, and healing journey with the Apex LSO2 Universal Back Brace, your partner in back health and recovery.

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