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Dynarex Advantage Trach Care Kit - One Compartment Tray, Case of 20

Dynarex Advantage Trach Care Kit - One Compartment Tray, Case of 20

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Introducing the Dynarex Advantage Trach Care Kit, an essential collection of tracheostomy care supplies, conveniently packaged in a case of 20 one-compartment trays. Each tray is designed to offer caregivers and patients a comprehensive solution for tracheostomy maintenance, ensuring cleanliness and promoting healing. The kit's components are carefully selected for their quality and ease of use, making tracheostomy care more manageable and less time-consuming.

This all-in-one kit includes essential items such as a plastic tray with one compartment for organization, twill tape for secure tube placement, cotton-tipped applicators for gentle cleaning, a trachea tube brush for thorough internal cleaning, a pre-cut gauze tracheostomy dressing for comfortable fit around the stoma, gauze sponges for additional cleaning and protection, a pair of sterile, powder-free vinyl exam gloves for hygiene, and pipe cleaners for small, hard-to-reach areas.

  • Contents: 1 Plastic tray with 1 compartment, 1 Twill tape (30"), 2 Cotton-tipped applicators (6"), 1 Trachea tube brush, 1 Pre-cut gauze tracheostomy dressing, 4 Gauze sponges (4"x4"), 1 Pair sterile, powder-free vinyl exam gloves, 2 Pipe cleaners
  • Quantity: Case of 20 trays
  • Application: Tracheostomy care
  • Features: Comprehensive, sterile, convenient for caregivers
  • Benefits: Promotes cleanliness, simplifies tracheostomy maintenance, ensures patient comfort

Benefits of the Dynarex Advantage Trach Care Kit:

1. Comprehensive Care Solution

Each kit contains all necessary tools for effective tracheostomy care, simplifying the maintenance process and ensuring that caregivers have everything they need at their fingertips.

2. Designed for Convenience

The one-compartment tray organizes components efficiently, making it easy to access and use each item during tracheostomy care procedures.

3. Sterility and Safety

With the inclusion of sterile, powder-free gloves and individually packaged components, the kit prioritizes patient safety and reduces the risk of infection.

Choose the Dynarex Advantage Trach Care Kit for a dependable, efficient, and safe solution to tracheostomy care. Whether in a clinical setting or at home, this kit provides the essentials for maintaining cleanliness and promoting the well-being of individuals with tracheostomies.

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