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Baseline 3 Point Precision Aesthesiometer for Neurological and Sensory Testing

Baseline 3 Point Precision Aesthesiometer for Neurological and Sensory Testing

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Experience unparalleled accuracy in sensory testing with the Baseline Precision Aesthesiometer. Designed for neurology professionals, this innovative instrument is crucial for evaluating tactile sensitivity and nerve function. Its precise calibration to the nearest 0.1 cm ensures accurate measurements critical for effective patient assessments.

The three-point design of this aesthesiometer allows for seamless transitions between two-point discrimination and one-point touch tests, making it a versatile tool for both clinical and research settings. The special vinyl tips enhance patient comfort by minimizing temperature variations, ensuring consistent and reliable test results every time.

  • Measurement Precision: Calibrated to the nearest 0.1 cm for exact evaluations.
  • Versatile Design: Three-point system enables flexible testing options.
  • Comfortable Testing: Vinyl tips prevent temperature influence on sensory perception.
  • Functionality: Easy switch between two and one-point testing for efficient assessments.
  • Professional Use: Ideal tool for neurologists and sensory testing professionals.

Enhancing Neurological Assessments:

Accurate Sensory Evaluation

The Baseline Precision Aesthesiometer is engineered to provide exact measurements, facilitating the detection of sensory deficits and aiding in the diagnosis of neurological conditions. Its precision helps professionals in pinpointing issues and tracking progress over time.

Adaptable Testing Capabilities

Whether conducting extensive clinical evaluations or focused research studies, the adaptability of this tool allows for comprehensive testing of tactile sensitivity. The three-point setup can easily adjust to the needs of each test scenario, enhancing both the depth and efficiency of sensory assessments.

Designed for Comfort and Consistency

The thoughtful construction with temperature-insensitive vinyl tips ensures patient comfort and consistent results across different environmental conditions. This attention to detail provides reliability in every examination, supporting thorough and dependable patient care.

Explore the full potential of tactile assessment with the Baseline Precision Aesthesiometer. Its advanced features and precise functionality make it an indispensable asset for every neurological and sensory testing professional.

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