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Air Traveler Walker Low Boot - X-Large with Integrated Bladder System

Air Traveler Walker Low Boot - X-Large with Integrated Bladder System

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Introducing the Darco Air Traveler Walker, an X-Large Low Boot designed for individuals with men's shoe sizes 13.5 and up. This state-of-the-art walker boot features a unique circumferential air bladder, offering unparalleled compression and security. Its innovative integrated inflation/deflation system enables patients to easily adjust the pressure to their comfort, ensuring optimal support and stabilization.

The Air Traveler stands out in the market with its exceptionally low profile. The sole's height is a mere 6/10 of an inch, closely aligning with regular shoe heights to promote a more natural stride and minimize disruptions to the wearer's gait. Despite its robust features, the boot remains lightweight at just 14 ounces, making it significantly less cumbersome than traditional walkers.

  • Size: X-Large (Fits Men's Sizes 13.5+)
  • Features: Circumferential air bladder, integrated inflation/deflation system, five-way strapping system
  • Profile: Low profile sole for a natural stride
  • Weight: Lightweight at 14 ounces
  • Comfort: Includes a 10mm EVA insole for superior support and comfort
  • HCPCS Code: Suggested L4360

Advantages of the Darco Air Traveler Walker:

1. Customizable Compression

The circumferential air bladder and integrated system allow for precise pressure adjustments, catering to the specific needs and comfort of the wearer.

2. Enhanced Mobility

With its low profile design, the Air Traveler minimizes differences in limb length, enabling a smoother, more natural walking experience.

3. Lightweight and Comfortable

Despite its comprehensive support features, the boot remains light and includes a comfortable EVA insole, making it ideal for extended wear.

Embrace mobility without compromise with the Darco Air Traveler Walker Low Boot. Designed for those requiring extra-large sizes, it combines innovative compression technology with a user-friendly design to support recovery while ensuring comfort and a natural walking experience.

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