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Aircast Small Right Ankle Brace 8.75" - Enhanced Compression & Support

Aircast Small Right Ankle Brace 8.75" - Enhanced Compression & Support

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Introducing the Aircast Ankle Brace in Small for the right foot, measuring 8.75 inches, engineered to provide unmatched support and graduated compression for individuals recovering from acute ankle injuries, undergoing post-operative rehabilitation, or managing chronic instability and ankle sprains of grades I, II, and III. This brace is uniquely designed with semi-rigid shells that are anatomically contoured to fit your ankle perfectly, offering both protection and comfort.

The patented Duplex™ Aircell technology within the lining delivers targeted compression to the ankle, promoting efficient edema reduction while also accelerating the rehabilitation process. This feature not only helps to alleviate swelling more quickly but also supports the ankle during ambulation, ensuring a safer and more comfortable recovery journey.

  • Size: Small, Right foot, 8.75"
  • Technology: Patented Duplex™ Aircell for support and compression
  • Use: Acute ankle injury, post-operative use, chronic instability, ankle sprains (Grade I, II, III)
  • PDAC Assigned Code: L4350

Key Features and Advantages:

1. Targeted Support and Compression

The Duplex™ Aircell technology provides gradual compression that not only reduces swelling but also enhances circulation, aiding in faster recovery.

2. Anatomical Design

Designed to mirror the anatomy of your ankle, the semi-rigid shells offer superior support without sacrificing comfort, making it suitable for extended wear.

3. Versatile Use

Whether it's for recovery from surgery, acute injuries, or chronic conditions like instability and sprains, this brace is designed to cater to a wide range of needs.

Embrace a secure and accelerated path to recovery with the Aircast Small Right Ankle Brace. Its innovative design and advanced compression technology make it a pivotal tool in your rehabilitation regimen.

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