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Aircast Tennis Elbow Support Armband 8"-14": Clinically Proven Relief

Aircast Tennis Elbow Support Armband 8"-14": Clinically Proven Relief

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Combat tennis elbow with the advanced Aircast Tennis Elbow Armband in black, designed to fit most adults with arm circumferences of 8" to 14". Ideal for individuals experiencing discomfort from racquet sports, golf, and repetitive industrial activities, this armband delivers targeted relief where it's needed most. Its foam-filled, inelastic band applies focused compression to the extensor muscle/tendon complex, offering significant pain relief and support.

Unlike traditional armbands, the Aircast Armband has been clinically shown to significantly reduce EMG (electromyography) levels, indicating a reduction in muscle tension and pain. This makes it effective for 86% of patients, according to a clinical study. Its one-size-fits-most design ensures a comfortable and secure fit, promoting recovery and preventing further injury.

  • Brand: Aircast
  • Color: Sleek Black
  • Size Compatibility: 8" - 14" arm circumferences, one size fits most adults
  • Application: Relief from tennis elbow caused by sports, golf, or industrial activities
  • Technology: Foam-filled, inelastic band for targeted compression
  • Clinical Effectiveness: Proven to reduce EMG levels, effective in 86% of patients

Discover the Benefits:

1. Precision Compression Technology

Experience relief with the patented design that focuses compression exactly where it's needed, reducing muscle tension and promoting faster healing.

2. Clinically Proven Results

Trust in a solution backed by clinical research, showing significant effectiveness in alleviating tennis elbow symptoms for the majority of users.

3. Designed for Comfort and Fit

Enjoy a comfortable fit with the adjustable, foam-filled band that ensures the armband remains both supportive and unobtrusive during daily activities.

Choose the Aircast Tennis Elbow Armband for proven, effective relief and support, allowing you to return to your active lifestyle with confidence.

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