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Aircast Pediatric Left Ankle Brace Size 6 - Advanced Support and Compression

Aircast Pediatric Left Ankle Brace Size 6 - Advanced Support and Compression

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Introduce your child to unparalleled ankle support with the Aircast Pediatric Ankle Brace for the left foot, perfectly sized at 6. This specially designed ankle brace incorporates advanced Duplex™ Aircell technology within semi-rigid shells, providing both support and graduated compression during movement. Ideal for children recovering from acute ankle injuries, post-operative care, managing chronic instability, or dealing with ankle sprains of Grade I, II, and III, it promotes efficient edema reduction and accelerates the rehabilitation process.

The anatomical design ensures a snug, comfortable fit that aligns with your child’s natural foot structure, offering optimized support without compromising on comfort. The graduated compression not only aids in swelling reduction but also encourages a quicker return to activity by supporting the ankle during ambulation.

  • Brand: Aircast
  • Size: 6, Left Foot
  • Technology: Patented Duplex™ Aircell for superior support and compression
  • Application: Suitable for acute injury recovery, post-op care, chronic instability, and ankle sprains (Grade I, II, III)
  • PDAC Code: L4350 assigned for insurance reimbursement

Key Features and Advantages:

1. Targeted Support and Healing

Offers anatomically aligned support tailored for pediatric use, ensuring effective healing and comfort during wear.

2. Graduated Compression

Enhances blood flow and reduces swelling, facilitating faster recovery and return to daily activities.

3. Comfortable and Secure Fit

The brace’s design focuses on child-friendly use, ensuring easy application for parents and comfort for active children.

Equip your child with the Aircast Pediatric Left Ankle Brace Size 6 for a recovery solution that brings together the best of support, compression, and comfort, aiding in a swift and efficient return to health.

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