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Airsport Ankle Brace Medium Left - Optimal Support M 7.5-11, W 9-12.5

Airsport Ankle Brace Medium Left - Optimal Support M 7.5-11, W 9-12.5

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Introducing the Airsport Ankle Brace for the left foot, available in Medium size, perfectly fitted for men's shoe sizes 7.5-11 and women's 9-12.5. This brace is engineered to provide exceptional comfort and support, incorporating a clinically proven semi-rigid shell and aircells. It's designed for individuals recovering from an ankle sprain, experiencing chronic instability, or seeking preventive measures against injuries.

The brace's design includes additional features for enhanced support: an anterior talofibular cross strap and integral forefoot and shin wraps contribute to comprehensive compression and stabilization of the ankle. Furthermore, the unique "step-in" design, which allows for toes-first insertion and automatic heel adjustment, makes the Airsport Ankle Brace incredibly quick and easy to put on, simplifying the process for users.

  • Size: Medium (Men 7.5-11, Women 9-12.5)
  • Fit: Left foot
  • Features: Semi-rigid shell, aircells, anterior talofibular cross strap, and forefoot and shin wraps
  • Design: "Step-in" design for quick and easy application
  • Indications: Ankle sprain, chronic instability, prophylaxis
  • HCPCS Code: L4350

Key Benefits:

1. Comprehensive Ankle Support

Combines targeted support with compression, aiding in recovery and preventing further injury.

2. Quick and Easy to Wear

The innovative design ensures the brace can be effortlessly worn, promoting consistent use for optimal recovery.

3. Durable and Comfortable Construction

Crafted with quality materials, the Airsport Ankle Brace offers both durability and comfort for daily wear.

Choose the Airsport Ankle Brace Medium Left for reliable support and protection, aiding your journey to recovery and beyond.

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