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Airsport Ankle Brace Small Right - Comfort & Support M 5.5-7, W 5-8.5

Airsport Ankle Brace Small Right - Comfort & Support M 5.5-7, W 5-8.5

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Introducing the Airsport Ankle Brace for the right foot, available in Small size, designed for men's shoe sizes 5.5-7 and women's 5-8.5. This brace combines a clinically proven semi-rigid shell with aircells to deliver both comfort and support, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking effective treatment for ankle sprain, chronic instability, or as a preventive measure against potential injuries.

The addition of an anterior talofibular cross strap and integral forefoot and shin wraps enhances the brace's ability to provide additional compression and stabilization. Featuring a unique "step-in" design, where the toes are inserted first into the back of the brace, and equipped with automatic heel adjustment, the Airsport Ankle Brace is exceptionally quick and easy to put on, offering immediate support and relief.

  • Size: Small (Men 5.5-7, Women 5-8.5)
  • Fit: Right foot
  • Features: Semi-rigid shell, aircells, anterior talofibular cross strap, and forefoot and shin wraps
  • Design: "Step-in" design with automatic heel adjustment for ease of use
  • Indications: Suitable for ankle sprain, chronic instability, and prophylaxis

Key Benefits:

1. Enhanced Ankle Support

Provides the stability needed to recover from injuries or manage chronic conditions, helping you get back to your daily activities with confidence.

2. Quick and Simple Application

The innovative design allows for fast and hassle-free application, ensuring you can easily put on the brace whenever support is needed.

3. Durable and Comfortable

Crafted with quality materials, the Airsport Ankle Brace offers lasting support without compromising on comfort, suitable for extended wear.

Secure your mobility with the Airsport Ankle Brace Small Right, your partner in achieving a faster and safer recovery.

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