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Amber Latex Tubing - 1/4" ID, 1/16" Wall, 3/8" OD on 50 Ft Dispenser Reel

Amber Latex Tubing - 1/4" ID, 1/16" Wall, 3/8" OD on 50 Ft Dispenser Reel

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Introducing our premium Amber Latex Tubing, perfect for a variety of applications requiring smooth, seamless, and flexible rubber tubing. With an internal diameter (ID) of 1/4", a wall thickness of 1/16", and an outer diameter (OD) of 3/8", this tubing combines durability with flexibility for optimal performance.

Supplied in a convenient 50-foot dispenser reel, this latex tubing is easy to store and dispense, ensuring you have the precise length needed for your project or application. Its smooth, seamless construction guarantees consistent quality and performance, making it an ideal choice for medical, laboratory, and industrial applications.

  • Dimensions: ID 1/4", Wall 1/16", OD 3/8" (.250x.062x.375)
  • Material: Made from high-quality amber latex for flexibility and durability
  • Length: Comes in a 50-foot dispenser reel for easy storage and use
  • Application: Suitable for medical, laboratory, and various industrial uses

Key Features:

1. High Flexibility

Amber latex material provides excellent flexibility without sacrificing strength, ensuring reliable performance across applications.

2. Seamless Construction

Smooth and seamless tubing design ensures uniformity and prevents any weak points along the length of the tubing.

3. Easy to Use Dispenser Reel

The convenient dispenser reel allows for easy measurement and cutting, minimizing waste and simplifying the usage process.

Whether you're conducting complex laboratory experiments, medical procedures, or industrial tasks, our Amber Latex Tubing offers the quality and reliability you need.

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