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Veridian Healthcare Aneroid Blood Pressure Kit - Large Adult Size, Latex-Free

Veridian Healthcare Aneroid Blood Pressure Kit - Large Adult Size, Latex-Free

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Ensure accurate blood pressure readings with the Veridian Healthcare Aneroid Blood Pressure Kit, specifically designed for large adults. This comprehensive kit is latex-free, making it suitable for those with latex sensitivities, and comes with a blue calibrated nylon cuff that fits arm circumferences of 13" to 18". The dimensions of the cuff are 6 7/8" W x 23" L, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for larger individuals.

The kit includes a two-tube bladder for consistent and reliable readings, a gauge for easy reading of blood pressure levels, a valve, and a bulb for manual inflation. Each component is crafted with precision and care to facilitate accurate monitoring of blood pressure at home or in a professional setting.

Packaged in excellent retail packaging, this kit also comes with a handsome vinyl carry case, making it convenient to store and transport, ensuring you have the tools you need for blood pressure monitoring wherever you go.

  • Features: Latex-free, large adult size cuff, two-tube bladder, easy-to-read gauge, valve, and bulb.
  • Cuff Size: Fits arm circumference 13" - 18", measuring 6 7/8" W x 23" L.
  • Package Includes: Large adult Velcro cuff, bladder, gauge, valve, bulb, and vinyl carry case.
  • Application: Suitable for both home and professional use.

Key Benefits:

1. Accurate Monitoring

Designed for precision and reliability, offering consistent blood pressure readings.

2. Latex-Free

Suitable for individuals with latex allergies, ensuring safe and comfortable use.

3. Convenience

Comes with a durable vinyl case for easy storage and portability, making health monitoring convenient anytime, anywhere.

Choose the Veridian Healthcare Aneroid Blood Pressure Kit for a reliable, latex-free option in monitoring blood pressure, offering both comfort and accuracy for large adult users.

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