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Anti-Tippers with Wheels - Adjustable & Flip Lock

Anti-Tippers with Wheels - Adjustable & Flip Lock

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Upgrade your wheelchair with the Universal Chrome Anti-Tippers with Wheels, designed for enhanced stability and safety. This pair of anti-tippers features a unique flip lock mechanism that allows for easy adjustment when traversing curbs, making it an essential accessory for wheelchair users seeking added confidence and independence.

The universal spacing sleeve can be easily added or removed to ensure a secure fit with a wide range of wheelchairs, including the Viper, Sentra, and Astaire Plus models. Equipped with an adapter for 1" tubing, the anti-tippers are versatile and can be modified to fit ¾" tubing by simply removing the adapter.

Constructed from durable chrome, these anti-tippers are not only sturdy but also add a sleek, polished look to any wheelchair. Whether navigating city sidewalks or maneuvering through indoor spaces, these anti-tippers provide the stability and support needed to move confidently.

  • Compatibility: Universal design fits most wheelchairs including Viper, Sentra, and Astaire Plus models.
  • Adjustability: Unique flip lock mechanism for easy curb traversal.
  • Construction: Durable chrome finish for a sleek appearance and long-lasting use.
  • Versatility: Includes an adapter for 1" tubing, removable to fit ¾" tubing.
  • Package: Comes in a pair (1pr/bx) for complete wheelchair support.

Key Benefits:

1. Enhanced Wheelchair Stability

Prevents the wheelchair from tipping backwards, offering peace of mind during use.

2. Easy Curb Navigation

The flip lock mechanism allows for seamless adjustment, making curb traversal simple and safe.

3. Customizable Fit

Adjustable sleeves and removable adapter ensure a perfect fit for a wide range of wheelchair models.

With the Universal Chrome Anti-Tippers with Wheels, wheelchair users can enjoy greater mobility and safety, no matter where their adventures take them.

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