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Apex LS02 Universal Back Brace 14" Panel

Apex LS02 Universal Back Brace 14" Panel

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Experience the benefits of the Apex LS02 Universal Back Brace, crafted with precision and care to support your back health. This back brace is not only functional but also comfortable, making it a must-have for anyone needing additional back support.

  • Color: Black
  • Size: 14" Back Panel
  • Material: Breathable Fabric
  • HCPCS Codes: L0631/L0648
  • Universal Sizing: Yes
  • Adjustable Pull Tabs: Yes

Benefits of the Apex LS02 Universal Back Brace:

1. Optimal Compression and Support

The adjustable pull tabs allow you to customize the level of compression, providing optimal support for your back. This feature is especially beneficial for individuals with varying needs for compression throughout the day.

2. Breathable Fabric for Comfort

The breathable fabric ensures proper air circulation, keeping you cool and dry. This is particularly important for long-term wear, preventing discomfort and skin irritation.

3. Universal Sizing System

The easy-to-use universal sizing system makes this back brace suitable for a wide range of body types. Whether you need it for daily wear or specific activities, the Apex LS02 adapts to your needs.

4. Ideal for Reimbursement

The Apex LS02 Back Brace meets the requirements for HCPCS Codes L0631/L0648, making it an excellent choice for those seeking reimbursement. It is the perfect solution for competitive bid winners, ensuring you get quality support without financial strain.

5. Versatile Use Cases

Post-Surgery Recovery

Use the Apex LS02 Back Brace to support your back during recovery from surgery. The adjustable compression helps alleviate pain and promotes healing.

Daily Support for Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic back pain, wearing the Apex LS02 Back Brace daily can provide the support and relief you need to go about your day comfortably.

Don't compromise on your back health. Try the Apex LS02 Universal Back Brace with a 14" Back Panel today and experience unparalleled support and comfort!

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