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Aquaflex Ultrasound Gel Pad 2cm x 9cm Box of 6 - Disposable & Hypoallergenic

Aquaflex Ultrasound Gel Pad 2cm x 9cm Box of 6 - Disposable & Hypoallergenic

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Introducing the Aquaflex Ultrasound Gel Pad, the ideal solution for enhancing ultrasound diagnostics and therapies in challenging areas. Each box contains six disposable pads sized 2cm x 9cm, specifically designed for use in difficult-to-visualize and near-field areas where traditional gels fall short.

These aqueous, flexible pads serve as a disposable ultrasound standoff, ensuring clear imaging and patient comfort during procedures. Their disposability not only enhances patient safety by eliminating the risk of cross-contamination but also simplifies the ultrasound process in clinics and hospitals.

For most procedures, these pads require no additional gel, although prolonged use may necessitate minimal gel application. Designed for ease of use, they require only gentle, even pressure to cushion sensitive areas effectively. Moreover, their hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic properties ensure they are safe and comfortable for all patients.

  • Dimensions: 2cm x 9cm, providing optimal coverage for specific areas.
  • Package: Box of 6, ensuring multiple sessions with a single purchase.
  • Features: Disposable, hypoallergenic, and bacteriostatic for enhanced safety and comfort.
  • Application: Suitable for diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound procedures in difficult-to-visualize areas.
  • Benefits: Eliminates cross-contamination risk and cushions sensitive areas without needing additional gel for most procedures.

Key Benefits:

1. Enhanced Imaging Clarity

Improves ultrasound image quality in near-field and challenging areas, facilitating accurate diagnostics.

2. Safe and Hygienic

Disposable nature significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination between patients.

3. Comfortable for Patients

Gentle cushioning makes ultrasound procedures more comfortable, especially in sensitive areas.

The Aquaflex Ultrasound Gel Pad is a must-have for any medical facility, offering a blend of safety, comfort, and efficiency in ultrasound procedures. Simplify your practice with this easy-to-use, effective solution.

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