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Catheter Self 10Fr 10 Men 310 Luer Tip Pediatric Bx/30

Catheter Self 10Fr 10 Men 310 Luer Tip Pediatric Bx/30

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The Catheter Self 10Fr 10 Men 310 Luer Tip Pediatric Bx/30 is designed to provide a comfortable and efficient solution for intermittent self-catheterization. Crafted with a straight tip, this catheter ensures ease of insertion and optimal functionality for pediatric patients. Whether for home use or in a healthcare setting, this catheter offers a reliable option for those requiring intermittent catheterization.

Each catheter is designed with a 10 French size and features a 10 Luer end, making it suitable for pediatric use. The high-quality materials and precise manufacturing ensure a safe and smooth experience for the user. Packaged in a box of 30, these catheters provide a convenient and hygienic solution for ongoing care needs.

  • Type: Pediatric Catheter
  • Tip Style: Straight
  • Size: 10 French
  • End Type: Luer
  • Packaging: Box of 30
  • Use: Intermittent Self-catheterization

Catheter Self 10Fr 10 Men 310 Luer Tip Pediatric Bx/30 Benefits:

1. Easy and Comfortable Insertion

The straight tip design of this catheter allows for smooth and effortless insertion, minimizing discomfort and making the process easier for pediatric patients.

2. Pediatric Specific Design

Specifically designed for pediatric use, this catheter comes in a 10 French size, ensuring an appropriate and comfortable fit for younger users.

3. Reliable for Intermittent Self-catheterization

This catheter is ideal for intermittent self-catheterization, providing a reliable solution for those who need to manage their urinary needs independently.

4. High-Quality Materials

Made from high-quality materials, this catheter ensures durability and safety, reducing the risk of complications and ensuring a smooth experience.

5. Convenient Packaging

With 30 catheters in each box, users can rely on a convenient and hygienic supply, making it easier to manage their care routine without frequent reordering.

6. Suitable for Home and Clinical Use

Whether used at home or in a clinical setting, this catheter provides a versatile and reliable option for intermittent catheterization needs.

Experience the comfort and reliability of the Catheter Self 10Fr 10 Men 310 Luer Tip Pediatric Bx/30. Order now and ensure a smooth and efficient catheterization process for your pediatric needs.

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