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JOBST SensiFoot Diabetic Crew Socks XL, White 8-15 mmHg

JOBST SensiFoot Diabetic Crew Socks XL, White 8-15 mmHg

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Discover the gentle, supportive embrace of JOBST SensiFoot Diabetic Crew Socks, expertly engineered for individuals with diabetes and arthritis. These white, extra-large socks provide mild compression (8-15 mmHg) to enhance blood circulation, essential in preventing foot complications and promoting overall foot health. With a focus on comfort and protection, they offer an ideal solution for daily wear.

The SensiFoot Diabetic Crew Socks are designed with advanced features to cater to sensitive feet. A smooth toe seam and dense cushioning in critical areas—foot, heel, and toe—help minimize pressure and friction, safeguarding against injuries. Their superior moisture-wicking properties ensure feet remain dry, greatly reducing the risk of fungal infections. An antibacterial and antifungal finish further promotes a hygienic environment, keeping your feet fresh and healthy.

  • Brand: JOBST
  • Size: Extra-Large
  • Compression: Mild 8-15 mmHg
  • Color: White
  • Material: Acrylic multi-fiber yarns
  • Special Features: Antibacterial, Antifungal, Moisture-wicking

Comprehensive Foot Care with JOBST SensiFoot

Enhanced Protection

The strategically placed padding in these socks provides critical cushioning in areas vulnerable to injury, reducing the potential for discomfort and enhancing the safety of your daily movements.

Comfort and Circulation Support

The mild compression not only assists in maintaining optimal blood flow but also alleviates discomfort associated with diabetes and arthritis. This gentle support helps manage symptoms and prevents further complications.

Advanced Hygiene Features

By combining moisture management and antibacterial properties, SensiFoot Socks keep your feet in a healthy state, preventing odors and infections, and contributing to overall foot wellness.

Day-Long Comfort and Ease

Enjoy the convenience of socks that are easy to put on, stay in place, and provide all-day comfort. Their durable design ensures they withstand daily wear while maintaining their protective and comfort features.

Durable and Reliable

Constructed from high-quality materials, these socks are built to last, offering sustained comfort and protection. They are a reliable addition to any foot care regimen, especially for those managing diabetes or arthritis.

Experience the difference with JOBST SensiFoot Diabetic Crew Socks. Invest in your foot health today and enjoy the benefits of a product tailored to your needs.

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