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Drive Wheelchair Econ Rem Desk Arms with Elevating Legrests, 16

Drive Wheelchair Econ Rem Desk Arms with Elevating Legrests, 16

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The Drive Wheelchair with Elevating Legrests is designed to provide exceptional comfort and convenience for users. Featuring a powder-coated silver vein steel frame, this wheelchair is not only durable but also lightweight and easy to maintain. Its detachable desk arms and swing-away elevating leg rests ensure maximum flexibility and comfort, making it a reliable choice for daily use.

This wheelchair's padded armrests and embossed vinyl upholstery offer a blend of durability and attractiveness, while the nylon upholstery provides a lightweight and easy-to-clean surface. The urethane tires mounted on composite wheels ensure a smooth ride with minimal maintenance, and the push-to-lock brakes add an extra layer of safety. With 8" front casters and a carry pocket on the backrest, this wheelchair offers both maneuverability and convenience.

  • Brand: Drive
  • Color: Silver Vein Frame
  • Size: 16”
  • Frame Material: Powder Coated Silver Vein Steel
  • Upholstery: Embossed Vinyl and Nylon
  • Tires: Urethane Mounted on Composite Wheels
  • Front Casters: 8”
  • Features: Detachable Armrests, Swing-away Elevating Legrests, Push-to-lock Brakes, Carry Pocket on Backrest
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty

Benefits of the Drive Wheelchair with Elevating Legrests

1. Enhanced Comfort and Flexibility

The Drive Wheelchair comes with padded armrests and elevating legrests, ensuring that users can sit comfortably for extended periods. The swing-away legrests provide flexibility, making it easier for users to enter and exit the wheelchair.

2. Durable and Low Maintenance

The powder-coated silver vein steel frame and urethane tires on composite wheels make this wheelchair highly durable and low maintenance. The nylon and embossed vinyl upholstery are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that the wheelchair remains attractive and functional over time.

3. Safety and Convenience

Featuring push-to-lock brakes, the Drive Wheelchair ensures user safety. The 8” front casters offer smooth maneuverability, and the carry pocket on the backrest adds extra convenience for carrying personal items.

4. Customizable and User-Friendly

This wheelchair comes with detachable armrests and tool-free length-adjustable front riggings, allowing users to customize it according to their needs. The plastic footplates and swing-away footrests further enhance user comfort and convenience.

5. Lightweight and Easy to Transport

Despite its robust construction, the Drive Wheelchair is lightweight, making it easy to transport and maneuver. Its compact design and detachable components make it a practical choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

Experience the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and convenience with the Drive Wheelchair with Elevating Legrests. Try it today and enjoy enhanced mobility and independence!

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